BVA INC. connects our members with the community through performance, as well as offers community based activities and events for children and adults of all abilities.

BVA INC. is a not for profit association that objects to:

  • Promote and encourage members to engage in the performing arts.
  • Promote the performing arts throughout the general community.
  • Promote and provide a range of community based activities including performance, training, education, workshops and collaborative events in association with Bundaberg Academy of the ARTS.
  • Provide performers with member support.

BVA INC. believe performing arts education in music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts is one of the most creative techniques to stretch young minds beyond their comfort zones, cultivating an understanding of themselves and the world around them. Training in the arts not only crafts entertainment, it prepares participants to become confident, well rounded young men and women. Singing and performance has both physical benefits, psychological benefits and strengthens the brain's attention system. Performance work in teams increases a sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour. Academic research is providing us with a growing evidence base about the positive role of the arts and culture in the lives of young people.


BVA INC. Performance Teams is a new 2017 Studentship Programme affiliated with BA ARTS for those excelling within all areas of voice and performance. This is not a technique class or for those still in the emerging stage, but for those who are showing exceptional dedication, passion and growth within existing BA ARTS classes.

Performance teams are an extension on existing classes with more challenging material and is designed for exceptional students who are ready to be trained to the next level. Students in this group are trained to rehearse vocal and stage choreography routines created by Kara James, to a more professional level and are selected to represent BVA INC. in performance. Participants must be committed to regular fortnightly rehearsals and performance events. If attendance is inconsistent the student's place in this programme will have to be re-assessed.

BVA INC. Performance teams are not for profit, which means that students will only pay 1 annual performer membership fee to attend (no ongoing costs). The BVA team is fully supported by our BVA INC. management committee to provide participants with training, resources and further career opportunities.

BVA INC. provides further community based activities and events for children and adults of all abilities. For more information please contact us using the form below.


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Address: 76B Woondooma St, Bundaberg, QLD 4670.

Phone: 0428 651 447